Louisa Hall

Singer. Songwriter. Ukulelist.

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Louisa Hall's debut album offers Louisa’s take on everything from internet dating to real-life stalking - and all the awkward moments in between - with her signature mix of earnest yet amusing lyrics set to earworm worthy melodies wrapped in lush arrangements. 

We’ve all had the experience: a winsome smile or bit of chit-chat from a barista, interpreted, almost always incorrectly, as flirtation. In Louisa Hall’s hands, that kind of coffeehouse crush becomes “Barista Boyfriend,” the title track on her debut record... Relatability is at the forefront of the album, as Hall finds honesty and humor in songs about irrational fears, internet dating misadventures, and awkward moments. The throughline—wanting to be liked and loved—is the most relatable thing of all, but despite her sweet sonics, her songs are rarely saccharine and often salty. Take “Missed Connections,” a self-aware stalker anthem that would fit on the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend soundtrack. “He loves me in my dreams,” she sings, “and has no choice in the matter.” — Washington City Paper

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